15.-17. March 2013: Psychology and symbolism of colours

In February 2013, we organized a weekend seminar on "psychology and symbolism of colours" that was positively reviewed in March, again presented by an artist Martin Stanovský. A series of seminars introduces us the rules how to understand and use colours in the practical and creative aspect.


The seminar is based on the recent trends and theories and provides us with a practical evidence through three theories, applying the basic rules of composition. He explained the psychological aspects of colours, the relationships between them and links created by the colours tones and related to specific tones from targeted modelling colourful atmosphere to the psychosomatic effects. The seminars were originally designed for the students of art universities and therefore exclude the theory of colour usage, but deals with the analysis of psychological and symbolical relationship since Christian times in Europe as well as in non-European countries. The gained information can be applied in architecture, interior design, decorations, clothing, visage, photography, applied graphics, books, scenography etc.