9.3. 2013: Excursion to the production center of Bohemia Sekt

Thanks to our guide, who is working for the company Bohemia Sekt since 1969, we have learned a huge amount of information. She experienced whole production process, had in her hands thousands of champagne bottles, stuck countless labels, survived several CEOs and experienced incredible adventures, company failures and expansions. During our excursion we saw whole production process, from the cellars to adjustment line. We learned how sparkling wine is made, starting from the Moravian vineyards. We let us to get to know the secrets of technological procedures and clarified technical terms. We discovered the secret place of the original cellars hidden under the ground. We understood that the originality of the sparkling wine is paid by hard work. In the previous times it was produced more than 60 thousand bottles of champagne a year. Today is the same number produced in one shift. If you are looking for a place to visit, Stary Plzenec is definitely a place to see.We look forward to see at other events organized by www.hamko.cz!