from 20th februray: Selling exhibition of BARKA FABIánová´s photogrphy

Barka asked herself: why do I make pictures?

I am dealing with photography since 2005 and I have found out that I like it more and more. I have spent quite some time hunched under the concert stage. And I am happy for it. I am choosing rather small concerts, clubs and festival, where I can capture emotions, that music brings to us, how it fulfils and influences us. I am trying to listen with the eyes and see with the ears.

Recently I have been focused almost exclusively on the musical photos, but I like to wander in the countryside, photographing landscapes, architecture and details.

Besides photography and travelling I also play accordion and dance. I hope that you will enjoy seeing my world.

Barka´s gallery can be seen in our meeting room na Paloučku from 20th February as well as at:

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