Naše káva (Our coffee)

is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. The coffee consists of 85% Kenyan Arabica grown in the highlands, Guatemala and 15% of one of the finest Indian robust Koppi Royal.

Individual species are roasted slowly and separately to preserve their unique characteristics. The coffee blend has a medium body and low acidity. In the dry aroma we can feel roasted nuts and almonds, in the wet one dark chocolate aroma and very smooth citruses. The dominant flavour reminds us nougat with a light touch of spice, especially cloves.

We have created the blend exactly for the delight from the moments spent with a cup of coffee. We have personally tasted different types of coffee blends in order to get the taste with a smell and taste attractive not only for us.

In June 2011 was Naše káva (Our Coffee) accepted by an international programme “The Choice Programme”, in the Czech Republic known as “I know, what I eat and drink www.vimcojim.cz”. It was for the first time, when coffee was recognized among the standard products.

Part of the label is also logo “I know, what I drink” which can be used only by the Program´s members.
Naše káva (Our Coffee) can be bought in the coffee place Náš bar (Our Bar) in Prague, in the coffee place and wine shop Viniferie in Židlochovice and grocery shop U Sedláčků v Rajhradě in Brno and in Zastávka u Brna.



Naše káva (Our Coffee) can be bought in following variants:

  • 250 g in a package..........209,00 CZK
  • 250 g dose....................238,00 CZK
  • 500 g in a package..........418,00 CZK
    * the prices include VAT 15%
    * it is also possible to buy a packages of 1 kg and 1,5 kg (subject to a prior agreement)
    * the prices are valid only for the products sold in Náš bar (Our Bar) and are a recommendation for further selling points
  • the prices include VAT 21%
  • offered additional assortment and coffee can be also purchased as cash on delivery (COD), invoice or in the coffee place Náš bar (Our Bar), Palouček
  • in the case of COD and invoice according to the price, we charge postal fee of 100,00 CZK pro shipment
  • are fully functional
  • feature adjustable settings from fine to coarse
  • guaranty of 10 years (guaranteed by the manufacturer)
  • click to open expanded view
  • further information and pictures can be found on Facebook page of Our Bar (Náš bar (Our Bar): grinders & mocha coffee maker)

n. 98-076        n. 98-089       n. 99-901      n. 98-070       n. 99-902     n. 98-031

CZK 431,00      CZK 493,00    CZK 491,00    CZK 455,00   CZK  529,00  CZK 502,00

mlýnek 98-076 mlýnek 98-089 mlýnek 99-901 mlýnek 98-070 mlýnek 99-902 mlýnek 98-031


n. OF 004      n. 98-053      n. 98-024       n. 98-026      n. 98-088      n. 98-035

CZK 592,00   CZK 466,00   CZK 359,00    CZK 359,00    CZK 668,00  CZK 568,00

mlýnek OF004 mlýnek 98-053 mlýnek 98-024 mlýnek 98-026 mlýnek 98-088 mlýnek 98-035


Further information and orders
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